PRZYR is a one-stop solution satisfying all the real estate professional needs. It has been developed with the vision to act as a bridge between various professionals in the real estate industry. It connects all ends of the real estate business and gives an even platform to engage and collaborate on various projects across the globe.

To make a long story short, PRZYR is a solution that the global real estate industry has been waiting for. It provides users with a well-deserved opportunity of connecting with other successful real estate professionals & giving exposure to major events happening around the world.



PRZYR optimizes the way you search or look for products and projects, helping you with an optimized list of potential clients who would be perfect for you, and at the same time are in your vicinity, thus eliminating the unnecessary hassle that you might have faced otherwise.


Write about your project or product and leave it to the audience at PRZYR to make it an instant hit. The Blog provided by PRZYR works for everybody’s benefit by offering a free platform to express your Love for the industry.

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Use the powerful feature of PRZYR to post Images, Videos, and even Documents (PDF) related to your project/Product. PRZYR helps you showcase your work through creative content optimized for different contexts.


On PRZYR you don’t just have a profile page, but also a dedicated Gallery showcasing your product/project, a product/project catalog uploaded for the benefit of the customers, and a Blog giving the more about the product/project experience. All these combined helps optimize your product and enhance your Sale.


Here’s presenting a guidance program enabling you to meet all your needs under one roof. Connecting with other real estate professionals or institutions, PRZYR is sure to help you engage and team up with various projects across the globe. The ultimate vision developed for PRZYR is to act as a bridge between various professionals in the real estate industry. PRZYR helps you create a right message and send that across to the right audience.


At Przyr, we provide assistance right from the inception of your brand to its entry in the market till it’s established itself. We create meaningful logos, innovative brochures, flyers and much more. We create a page customized according to your brand guidelines on our APP.


At Przyr, we help you with online promotions as well as offline. Online, we create a detailed page on our app, update it regularly and target the right audience while we are at it. Offline, we help you create a brand kit, fetch relevant leads and connect you with imminent real estate professionals & properties of the future.

Better leads

Przyr’s engineered marketing techniques involve showcasing the appropriate content and targeting the same to the relevant target market. At Przyr, you get qualified leads online via the app as well as offline leads with the help of our customer relationship team. Here’s how this works:

Online presence

Offline presence

Brand engagement

Analytics, reporting & optimisation

Lead conversions

Financial assistance

Construction Finance

As the needs of your customers grow, the requisite for you to provide immaculate services is endless. From when the project is under-construction to when it is the time to handover, developers must have funds available to ensure the timely delivery of their units. And PRZYR assists you in accomplishing this task efficiently. You can acquire financial assistance and never cease building huge structures across the world. When you’re associated with Przyr, you open the door for the best interest rates & easy hassle less funding.

Consumer Finance

Przyr helps its consumer to search the right deals and the ones which suit their criteria. Association with Przyr gets you the best interest rates in the market. PRZYR provides you 100% secure financial assistance to build your dream home.

Assistance For Investors

At PRZYR, we assist you with hunting the lands with best prospects and which suits your needs. Right from the scouting stage to the funding & acquiring stage, Przyr provides you a complete assistance in order to make a secure deal and the one which gives higher returns.

360° View on PRZYR

It’s the era of going 360°! The more the merrier and PRZYR help’s you witness this with its exclusive amenities. Enabling you to capture a 360° view of any spaces you wish to view on the app, you can now get an exact idea of how your future kingdom looks.

Experience the World of VR with PRZYR

With the introduction of Virtual Reality, you can now teleport yourself to digital world & get the real look and feel of any spaces you want to make your home or office. True in the sense, time & distance don’t matter and now you can check out all the spaces around the world with PRZYR’s exclusive VR program. Walk in at the luxurious arena of PRZYR HQ and get the multiplex like experience to view and finalize properties around the globe.


PRZYR Real Estate Summit is a one-day conference dedicated to connect Real-Estate Builders, Real-Estate Agents, Manufacturers, Retailers, Architects, Interior Designers, Material Suppliers, Bloggers, Website Publishers, Bankers, Finance Agents, Marketing Agency etc., with other key Professionals in the Industry. The summit will also explore the transformative innovations taking place at the point of real estate and technology.